Gregg and Karen Frank will exhibit their new franchise GreenLight Mobility at the International Franchise Expo starting tomorrow in New York City.

Like many in franchising, Gregg and Karen Frank are set to debut at the International Franchise Expo in New York City starting tomorrow, exhibiting their new franchise concept called GreenLight Mobility. 

Although they’re new to franchising, experienced franchisor Kathleen Kuhn is a minority partner, using her background as HouseMaster Home Inspections president and the launch of PatchMaster, a second brand under the HouseMaster umbrella, to good use.

Kuhn found the Franks when her father became ill in Florida.“I found that his lack of mobility was very frustrating and really setting back his progress health-wise,” she said. “I didn’t find many options, and I felt this was a much-needed service.

“Having a background in franchising and home services in particular, I sought out companies that were very successful and established in the space. Karen and Gregg were my first choice, and I reached out to them,” about three years ago. “They basically said they’d been considering franchising and the rest is history.”

It took three years from first contact to launch, including negotiations over territories and more; a name change to GreenLight Mobility, which was Karen’s idea, from the couple’s own New Jersey business called Back Home Safely; and fine-tuning of the business model.

Karen is a physical therapist and Gregg an occupational therapist, but potential franchisees do not need those credentials. Rather, they will be trained to evaluate people in their homes, suggest options to improve their mobility, and likely work with outside carpenters to complete changes to the home and install equipment to aid mobility.

The franchise fee is $43,500 with $5,000 off for early adopters, and the total investment ranges from $85,550 to $123,300.

Karen Frank, who is CEO of GreenLight, said she appreciated the IFE’s lower cost, about $4,400, for a half-size booth to exhibit for emerging franchisors. She also appreciates the learning that goes on amongst the newbies.

“It’s exciting. There’s still so much to learn. I also try to talk to other franchisors to learn, and I also talk to franchisees” to see what they like about their franchise brand. 

Karen calls franchising “a whole new business. I’m so happy to have Kathleen as part of our little team here because that’s her expertise and she really brings a lot to the table,” she said. “There’s a lot of rules. I don’t really love all the rules, but besides the rules it’s really exciting.”

One other lesson from setting up their booth this morning: “I learned something very important today, that they don’t turn the air conditioning on before the attendees arrive,” she said about the Javits Center, which hosts the International Franchise Expo May 30 through June 1.


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