Jennifer Tucker, COO of Homewatch Caregivers, said a re-brand is in the works to refresh a “klugey” name, at the Franchise Times Finance & Growth Conference.

Coaching franchisees at Homewatch Caregivers used to be “more random, back in the day, and now it’s more diagnostic and gets into the why,” said Jennifer Tucker, COO, at the Franchise Times Finance & Growth Conference in Las Vegas Monday.

“We’ve really dug into metrics to make sure they were leading our support.” The homecare franchise tracks 500-plus key performance indicators that it shares with owners every month. 

Homewatch started as a dog-sitting and house-checking business that morphed into people care when the founder was asked to check on grandma in the basement at the same time he was taking care of a pet. 

Next up, said Tucker, is a re-branding effort in 2020. “Our name, as watching dogs and watching homes, is a little klugey,”she said, which Urban Dictionary defines as awkwardly designed, jerry-rigged, inefficient, “so we have some opportunities to do something a little different. Getting 115 owners on board with that has been quite the journey,”she said, “but really fun, too.”

Tucker said average unit volumes are $1.5 million, with a 17 percent increase in gross revenue from 2017 to 2018. She also mentioned Care to Stay, a “research-informed approach to recruiting, developing and retaining caregivers,” which she promised to detail for a Franchise Times story in the future. 


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