Go to Chickendales.com to create a personalized video for your mother from KFC—or not, depending on her sense of humor.

What says Happy Mother’s Day better than the Chickendales, KFC’s Colonel Sanders-themed takeoff on the scantily clad all-male Chippendales dancers? Well, nothing.

When the personalized video hit my inbox yesterday, a Colonel Sanders lookalike stared me in the eye. “Oh, howdy Beth,” he says as he rips off his shirt. “I hear you’re the best mom in the world. Well, what do you think, boys?”

The crew rips off their shirts and starts strutting and dancing in their Colonel Sanders bow ties. "This is for you,” one says, to me, and they all rip off their pants and turn their backsides.

A different word is in red on each of their tighty whities. 

How. Does. It. Feel. To Be. The. Coolest. Mom. In. Illinois, their underwear says.

(I didn’t say it was the classiest way to say Happy Mother’s Day, just the funniest—or in some people’s opinion, the creepiest.)

Finally, they’re all shown dancing while wearing buckets of fried chicken.

Go to chickendales.com to make your own personalized video, which KFC created using real Chippendales dancers to promote one of its busiest days of the year. 

On YouTube, which had 223,318 views as of May 2, the comments were funny, too.

“This is like watching a really weird but sexy Japanese commercial,” said one.

“Mommy wants you to eat boiled broccoli after this,” said another.

And finally: “Colonel Sanders is looking down, shaking his head.”

Mother’s Day is May 12, by the way. Video or no video, be sure to call her.


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