Bowie Cheung of UberEats described offerings for customers that stood out from the crowd at the Food on Demand Conference in Chicago April 1-2.

photo by Joe Veen

Select restaurant delivery customers of UberEats can participate in decidedly swanky events, according to Bowie Cheung, head of regional operations for the delivery service. Think South by Southwest, March Madness and the Oscars, as he described at the Food on Demand Conference in Chicago earlier this month.

On Milk Bar day at the Austin, Texas, music festival known as SXSW, for example, the famous New York City dessert restaurant founded by Christina Tosi gave away treats to the more than 72,000 attendees, at an event space sponsored by UberEats.

For the Oscars, UberEats launched a buy-one-get-one co-marketing campaign. “We partnered with several thousand restaurants and folks selected one of the items on their menu and we marketed like crazy to our user base,” Cheung said. “This was a big hit, and it was a great way for them to attract new users.”

UberEats is also sponsoring virtual restaurants for more than 1,000 customers. “For so many of you it’s a big expense and it’s a big risk to launch a new restaurant. This is a safe way to do it,” he said, citing Vegan Thai as an example. Vegan Thai is an offshoot of a Thai restaurant in Manhattan. “In their neighborhood, there is constantly an undersupply of vegan choices,” he said, so the owners decided to “create a vegan-only brand out of the same restaurant” with UberEats’platform handling the ordering and delivery. “That was a great virtual restaurant concept.”

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