Voice ordering is the future of food delivery, declared Google’s Anantica Jija Singh at the Food on Demand Conference.

photo by Joe Veen

In the future, tapping an app to order food will be soooooooo 2019, says the Google executive charged with convincing the masses to use Google Assistant, its artificial intelligence offering. 

Anantica Jija Singh, senior product manager, wants everyone to simply say “Hey Google, order food” instead. In fact, that was the slogan on the chocolate bars Google handed out at the Food on Demand Conference earlier this month.

 “Billions of searches happen on Google every day. The interest for ‘food delivery near me’ and related queries has gone up multiple fold in the last five years. People are searching for the restaurants around them,” she said at FODC in Chicago April 1 and 2, as part of a showcase of the biggest players in third-party delivery. 

“We have built an experience that is a new entry point directly into the natural flow of the user.”

She called the effort “early days” but said it holds great promise and described the future experience like this: “A simple voice reminder to re-order from my favorite restaurant, brings up my past orders, and with a simple tap, express that I want to place that order, confirm my payment and I’m done. Here users can place a re-order in a very, very fast way.”

Other third-party presenters included Grubhub, UberEats, Postmates, Caviar, Google, Amazon Restaurants, DoorDash and more, and each speaker was clearly vying to tout his or her particular service to the audience of techies, operators, foodies and franchises trying to get a handle on how best to meet the demand for, well, food on demand.

Toby Espinosa, VP of business development for DoorDash, said the service is focusing more on the operators’ bottom line. “We cannot just grow your revenue. We also must augment the profitability. As this industry hardens we must make sure not only to protect your margins but enhance your margins,” he said.

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