As a thirty-something increasingly obsessed with baking thanks to the Great British Baking Show, I am delighted by the new Edwards Dessert Kitchen bar and restaurant that went into a formerly rundown building in downtown Minneapolis. A brick-and-mortar experiment by Schwan’s, the Minnesota-based food delivery giant with deep pockets, this restaurant for drinks and desserts feels like evidence of something new.

With no breakfast hours to speak of, in contrast to places like Corner Bakery Cafe, Edwards Dessert Kitchen opens early afternoon on weekdays and is more about the luxury of hanging out in a beautiful location with treats and drinks, rather than the traditional function of a bakery-cafe combo.

The menu is a dream, with cakes, pies, mousse, souffle, cookies, bars and ice cream. The Rocher Mousse with hazelnut praline crunch, mole spiced brownies, whipped banana Carmelia, homemade avocado lime sorbet and lychee rose sorbet “Ispahan” Souffle all are particularly intriguing to this baker in training. For those wanting something savory, the menu includes roasted mushroom toast, a ham and gruyere panini and carrot toast.

It also offers coffee, beer, wine and fancy cocktails like the Anorak including locally-made ingredients like the Sociable Ciderworks Freewheeler Cider. this is the hippest restaurant I’ve heard of since Restaurants Editor Nick Upton and I visited the Turntable Chicken Jazz restaurant in New York City’s Koreatown.

The older I get, the less I’m inclined to go out solely for drinks, but none of us want the extent of our friend-time to be deciding which restaurant to go to this time around. With the option to focus on sweets, take notes on future baking projects and plenty of coffee or cocktails to grease the wheels, I’ll be expecting additional riffs on the dessert kitchen theme. Maybe they could even start delivery so I could bypass having friends altogether. Just kidding, unless it’s cold, rainy, snowing or too sunny.


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