Defy parks will include ninja warrior courses, flying trapezes, G-tramping and more, under the CircusTrix umbrella.

If you see a middle-aged man with a bit of gray in his hair running around a wall or flipping and twisting at a trampoline park—that’s called wallrunning or G-tramping, made famous by Cirque de Soleil and now a bona fide sport. And it could be Case Lawrence, the founder and CEO of CircusTrix, doing the honors.

“I’m an amateur G-tramper, at 46,” he says with a laugh, and while he jokes that means he’s just as good as his age would indicate—meaning not very—his young sons are practically experts.

G-tramping is just one of the activities offered at a new franchise called Defy, now being launched under the CircusTrix umbrella and aimed at older teens and young adults. A Defy park will have wallrunning, G-tramping, Ninja warrior courses, a high-wire slack line, a flying trapeze, aerial silks and much more. “It’s a lot of activity and adrenaline,” Lawrence says.

Circus Trix started as an owned-and-operated business, but in 2017 it bought Rockin’Jump and SkyZone, both franchised, and Lawrence now plans to re-brand more than 90 of its parks to Defy under a franchise model. It will cost $1.8- to $2.6 million to open a Defy park, and two are open already.

“This takes the lid off and allows us to experiment with all kinds of things,” says Lawrence. 


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