PatchMaster does small drywall repair jobs, something other contractors tend to avoid.

Just last September Kathleen Kuhn launched a new brand—PatchMaster, a drywall repair service. Six months later, the sister company to HouseMaster has signed its 50th location, reaching the milestone much faster than most.

Kuhn, who serves as CEO at both brands, said she wasn’t surprised by the fast rollout. “The first 14 were HouseMaster franchisees that wanted in” to the new brand. “So there was a really huge interest there. What I’m surprised about is we haven’t put on a full-court press to sell them yet. Everything we’ve sold has come organically, through the website, word of mouth.”

The low price point, all in under $50,000, opens up the franchise to a wide range of people, she says, as does the reputation of HouseMaster and its four decades in the home inspection business since Kuhn’s father founded it. HouseMaster has 168 franchisees who own 320 territories.

“We were a very experienced franchisor. We know how to navigate. We know a lot about what to avoid and certainly what does work and doesn’t work. That’s made us be able to get out of the gate very quickly,” Kuhn says.

Just 2 percent of franchises operating for less than two years reach 50 or more units in that time period, according to Franchise Grade.



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